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About Femme

Femme application is a smart platform for computers (web) and smart device (Android/ IOS) specialized in managing barbershops and beauty salons businesses. The application provides the following services:

  • plan and manage daily activities such as financials, HR, supply chain, services.
  • customer appointment booking and managing service.
  • display and sell salon products and services,
  • advertising, marketing and display of discount vouchers.
  • In addition to other services and products integrated into Femme app


Everything you need to run your Salon

Automated features to simplify day-to-day operations

Salon scheduling app that you can use to manage your team schedule & get more customers reservations.

Book Appointments online

Femme is an intelligent online salon appointment booking software that allows consumers to plan, reschedule, or cancel appointments online via the website, smartphone, or integrated Instagram and Facebook social network handles. Reduce no-shows and multiple bookings by automating the booking process.

Make Busy

When the Salon staff is busy or not on the shift, slot blockers automatically block the duration of the time slots in the calendar. As a result, either consumers or employees are unable to schedule an appointment within that time range. And just the accessible spots are shown.

Off hours booking

Our online salon appointment software allows consumers to make appointments even while the salon is closed. This implies that even if you are not online, your salon might receive a large number of customers. Engage as many consumers as possible in your Salon with Femme by allowing them to schedule appointments at any time and from any location.

Package booking

Femme makes it simple for consumers to schedule appointments according to their preferences. Our software enables salon owners to construct bundles of one or more services in one bundle, which they can then sell to consumers. It will aid in increasing salon sales and earnings. With unique Salon packages, you can encourage consumers to return and increase loyalty.

Membership Availability

Femme membership booking allows you to build a loyalty program. Allow consumers to obtain a membership with you for a fee and receive a discount each time they require assistance. Our membership system is a fantastic approach to enhance client retention and Salon growth.

Hassle-free Payments

Customers can instantly pay for services and goods by syncing the Femme booking widget with Authorize.Net, Stripe, and PayPal. In addition, our integrated Point of Sale makes accepting all kinds of payment via Online Salon Operating Software a breeze.

Powerful point-of-sale billing system for your Salon. You can now spend less time at checkout and more time with your clients.

POS (Point of Sale)

Femme's POS system processes payments and checkout quickly and simply. With the POS, you can rest comfortably that your salon is selling more items and, as a result, you can regulate the commissions and stock levels for the employees. With our Salon Software, you can also handle the gift cards, cash drawer, and every transaction.


Prepare invoices using our user-friendly software. Create E-invoices and print them quickly using our simple interface. E-Invoicing makes the work easier for the cashier as they can quickly update bills on the platform. With our software, you can reduce the time for creating E-invoices.


Invoices you would create will automatically be listed in the read invoice section. In that section, you can recall and revisit previously created invoices. You can review and edit these invoices later on using the action button. Maintaining records has become easier using our femme salon booking software.

Your inventory is your business, so a dependable inventory management app is crucial for product-based businesses.

Regulated Inventory

Femme's inventory control system centralizes the Salon's product list for better inventory management. Our Salon operation solution tracks each unit and facilitates stock movement between Salon locations and warehouses.

Audits reports

Salon scheduling software reduces the agony of inventory audits by making them error-free and acceptable. Our built-in features enable you to perform stock counts on a regular basis and provide structured results. The integrated scanner and mobile app make the auditing process more user-friendly, quicker, and easier to access.

Inhouse inventory

Our Salon software allows you to easily and rapidly track the goods that have been consumed. With Femme's inventory management software, you can easily keep track of online and offline Salon orders as well as handle in-house inventory.

Client Transparency

Get a thorough examination of your Salon inventory and increase the transparency of your product count. In other words, the salon software can only deliver one of the numerous reports. For procurement managers, center managers, and accountants, we provide a comprehensive review of inventory performance.

Track Inventory

Femme makes it simple to determine who has transported merchandise from the warehouse to the salon. Also, if you have many Salon locations, shift inventory between them to respond to product shortages and demand. Within centers, the same PO approach may be utilized, and the system can track inventory transfers and changes for each center.

Inventory Alerts

Receive notifications of requested items, stock transfers, and quantity alerts, among other things, by SMS and email, and manage your Salon's stock inventory. You may now receive frequent alerts about the inventory that has been utilized and that has been left so that you can keep it up to date.

Find new customers, reconnect with familiar ones, and keep everyone coming back for more.

Email marketing

You may send appointment confirmations, membership plans, birthday and anniversary wish to your potential consumers with Femme's strong and simple email marketing. Encourage additional appointments for your salon and spa services to enhance revenue, bookings, and client retention.

Get more review

With the review system, you may get more consumers and keep them loyal. Allow people to provide feedback on your services and goods by SMS and email utilizing smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. With the cloud-hosted Salon software, you may get real-time feedback from your clients and enhance your earnings.

Create Discounts

Femme enables you to provide coupons to your clients in order for them to receive a discount on renewing orders for any of the subscription services. Create Salon and Spa Discount Coupons and easily manage various treatments. Maintain a variety of discounts on your products to ensure recurrent business from your clients.

Create Gift Cards

Give bespoke gift cards for a certain treatment or package of services to potential consumers to entice them to visit your salon. Furthermore, with a Femme, Salon owners or clients may give gift cards to any of their loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events. The person who is receiving will be alerted by email or SMS.

Loyalty system

Loyalty programs that delight and reward your consumers will increase their spending and frequency of visits. Femme recognizes you for providing an effective and simple approach to increase the strong base of repeat customers through customer referrals, customer engagement, and customer security with the loyalty system.

SMS campaigns

With our Salon management software, you can stay in touch with your clients and send them promotional campaigns, appointment reminders and confirmations, last-minute appointment openings, customer feedback and interaction, and so on. Increase your spending, eliminate no-shows, schedule more appointments, and expand your Salon company.

Involved employees are more productive, helping you grow your business

Staff commissions

Choose Femme and handle employee commissions according you see fit. Create a scheme for one or all employees, depending on the team member or job position. You can pay commissions depending on the employee's net profit or gross sales.


Carry out your salon's payroll in a simple and error-free manner with all-in-one Femme Salon software. Determine payroll based on hours worked, leaves, compensation, and awards based on attendance. Simply link the commission profiles, create the payroll, and edit the payroll employees with a single click of a button.

KPI reporting

Employees should have simple access to their appointments, work schedules, and guest profiles for the day, as well as their tips and commissions, earned, preferences, and performance on KPIs. Recognize the top performers and motivate the Salon team by providing an unbiased and transparent way for tracking performance.

Work Reminders

Allow workers to get reminders about their daily schedule (including bookings, rescheduling, or cancellations), commissions, and missed appointments. The Femme calendar booking system automatically sends reminders to your staff about important events.

Privacy and Security

Reduce pilferage to prevent staff theft and financial loss (even if it is a stock loss, appointment fraud, theft from the till, etc.). Our cloud-based Salon software ensures the security and protection of your organization. Your Salon information is in good hands!!

Additional services provided by Femme application

Customer Tracking

With Salon booking software, you may find any customer-related information in only a few clicks and minutes. Know their preferences (previously purchased items, services used) and organize their booking appropriately. Check for any outstanding payments or appointments and alert them by SMS or email.


Send automatic reminders to clients to be on time for their appointments, reducing the likelihood of no-shows. Furthermore, reminders for daily bargains, offers, forthcoming appointments, outstanding payments, and so on may be delivered to ensure your business's inflow.

Unused Data

We(us) frequently destroy essential data in haste and subsequently regret it. You do not need to repent when you use a Femme. You may now retrieve your deleted data from the trash and either restore or permanently delete it. It might be the customer's information, a database, or some bills, for example.


Femme Salon Software provides you with real-time analytics that shows you the optimal path for your salon's success and long-term growth. You may now review the important Salon performance data and acquire important information. Clients, sales, marketing, goods, services, operations, online booking, staff, and marketing are all covered in our comprehensive reports.

Best Spa and Salon Management Software

Femme Salon Software was created specifically as a salon and spa operating software. A salon appointment system allows you a broad choice of straightforward company operations with absolutely no boundaries. We supply you with a cloud-based salon software web interface software that is fully maintained by us.


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